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Quotes I have been dancing with ACBA now for 9 Terms. My love for belly-dancing and my fellow dancers just gets stronger and stronger with every stage. I can't thank Kaz enough for being the amazing Teacher she well as being one of us when we dance. Never have I felt that I didn't belong to this incredible group. Thank you all for this enjoyable journey we're on together. Laveika Quotes
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Quotes Hi KaZena, Thank you for such a fun night! All the girls commented on how much fun they had and what a great idea it was. I think my sister was surprised! The photos are great - I will pass these onto my sister to have a look at too. We really enjoyed playing with the coin belts and scarves. You were very friendly and easy to deal with and were a great teacher on the night. Please also send my regards to Ajeitta and thank her for her help as well. Overall I would highly recommend you to others! Thank you once again for such a memorable night, Quotes
Hen's Party

Quotes hi kazena, thanks so much for the workshop yesterday, it has re-inspired me to practice and get onto the basics of bellydance again! in the past i was either in large classes where the teacher couldn't really give individual instruction or small classes where we weren't made to perfect the basic moves of the dance so i really appreciate the way you break the moves down for us. im very keen to join the beginner classes you will be conducting thursdays of next term! you asked for a bit of input in what we would like covered in the coming lessons and i was thinking a mixture of going over the basics and learning a choreography but really im happy with whatever you suggest. thanks again and looking forward to the next workshop! Quotes
Wodonga Workshop

Quotes Here is my reflection on being a dancer so far with this company..........................I have a hearing impairment. nevertheless belly dancing doesn't require understanding of music. I simply let my hips move and I'm transported to a colorful world of happiness. This dancing is soothing for my soul. Incredible. Fun. Amazing. Quotes
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Quotes Thanks for such as FABULOUS night on Saturday. We really enjoyed the night. your dancers are such lovely people and did a great job, especially those who were solo-ing for the first time. Not to mention the food which was plentiful and extremely yummy. Thanks for inviting us! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I will speak to you in the new year Quotes
ACBA End of Year Feast

Quotes Our dinner crowd really enjoyed your entertainment. Several older ladies had lunch today and said it made them feel they could have pride in their bodies again. Well done to all your team for making our 100k dinner so much more than just food and wine, but a memorable evening. Cheers Maureen Quotes
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Quotes I would like her to keep going with bellydancing because she absolutely loves it and LOVES you as a teacher...thank you so much for taking the trouble to teach one or two students when obviously the ideal situation would be to have at least half a dozen & also for them to commit to the entire course so you can teach at the same're a gem! Quotes
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