Alpine Creative Bellydance Academy

Live to Dance...Dance to Live!

Questions to ask

 1/  How long have you been teaching Bellydance

      a)  Were you taught how to teach and if so, from whom

 2/  What style do you teach

 3/  To what level can you teach (eg just basics, or up to performance)

 4/  Are the classes progressive

 5/  How do Students progress

 6/  Are the classes conducted on a permanent basis

 7/  Do you offer block payment discount

 8/  What skills can you teach (eg Zills, stick etc)

 9/  What Insurance do you have to cover students

10/ Do you write your own original Choreographies

11/  Are your classes separate for each Level, or all in together


ALL the above are essential in ensuring your safety and your progression.  



  • "I have been dancing with ACBA now for 9 Terms. My love for belly-dancing and my fellow dancers just gets stronger and stronger with every stage. I can't thank Kaz enough for b..."
    Re A C B A classes
    current Student
  • "Here is my reflection on being a dancer so far with this company..........................I have a hearing impairment. nevertheless belly dancing doesn't require understanding o..."
    Nafsi Rose
    Student of ACBA