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Joining the Academy in early 2010 at the tender age of 14, Sariah began with her 'baby' Sword in 2011 and has since progressed to full-sized Sword.   Sariah is a member of our professional Bellydance troupe "the ACBA Dancers".    She is an accomplished Dancer in her own right, a Lead Dancer of the Academy,  and a valuable friend and Team Member.

Laveika in 2013

The luscious LAVEIKA joined the Academy in Term 3 of  2012 and quickly caught the 'Bellydance Bug'.   Very keen to learn the art of dancing with Sword, Laveika attended the Academy's Sword Induction training and passed with flying colours. She has since become a member of our exclusive "ACBA Dancers" professional Bellydance troupe and joins us in Performances at every opportunity.

Our one & only NEPHERIS

Nepheris (the one who never says never!) joined the Academy in early 2010 and through persistence and determination has become our most unique asset.  Nepheris is a 'special' member of our professional Bellydance troupe "the ACBA Dancers" and is also a seasoned Solo performer.  The Academy would not be the same without our dear Nepheris.


  • "I have been dancing with ACBA now for 9 Terms. My love for belly-dancing and my fellow dancers just gets stronger and stronger with every stage. I can't thank Kaz enough for b..."
    Re A C B A classes
    current Student
  • "Here is my reflection on being a dancer so far with this company..........................I have a hearing impairment. nevertheless belly dancing doesn't require understanding o..."
    Nafsi Rose
    Student of ACBA

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