Alpine Creative Bellydance Academy

Live to Dance...Dance to Live!


The one who never says never, Nepheris walked in our door just after the Academy opened, being led by his lovely guide dog Clive.   His arrival was certainly a surprise for me at the time, and he continues to surprise and delight everyone with his 'can do' attitude and his attention to detail.   Nepheris is a loyal and considerate Dancer whose reliability and  trustworthiness are unquestionable.  His Solo performances always delight our audiences.  Nepheris recently received a trophy Award for Lead Dancer of the Academy.


Luscious Laveika joined the Academy in Term 3 of 2012 and from that moment it was clear that she was destined to advance to Performance Level.  Laveika's dedication and love of the Dance have been an inspiration to many Students over the years, and she is a huge asset to the Academy. Laveika was awarded Lead Dancer status a few years ago and performed with Sariah at the Yackandandah Folk Festival as a delightful and competent duo.   


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    Re A C B A classes
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    Nafsi Rose
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