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The amazing Health Benefits of Bellydance


by KaZena,


Alpine Contemporary Bellydance Academy


         Physical benefits:

·         Improves posture and muscle tone

·         Improves balance

·         Promotes better co-ordination

·         Develops a stronger core

·         Improves stamina and energy

·         Improves circulation

·         Improves flexibility

·         Strengthens Pelvic Floor

     Mental benefits:

·         Reduces stress and anxiety

·         Builds confidence and self-esteem

·         Encourages femininity and grace

·         Builds trust in others and in selves

·         Offers goals to achieve

·         Encourages appreciation of our bodies


Anyone can Bellydance

You can be any size, any age and any ability.  

              Bellydance movements are natural to the body

          and exercise muscles which are not often used in daily                            life.                                                                                                                                                                       Bellydance is a beautiful, ancient form of Dance which

                             positively promotes culture & total fitness.


Come and try Bellydance  -  for fun, fitness and friendship


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