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"KaZena"    -     Director  of  A C B A


 Born in Portsmouth U.K.,  my Parents were entertainers in England and continued their profession when they moved to Australia.     My Father established a School of Magicians in U.K. which became the largest in the world at that time and my Mother was a beautiful singer and entertainer.   In Australia, they continued their profession for many years and often appeared on Television.   They are now retired.

My Dance experience includes:   Competition Ballroom,  Jazz,  Latin,  Rock ‘n Roll, Tai Chi, American Tribal Style, Gothic and traditional Bellydance.     I now specialize in Contemporary Bellydance,  incorporating the many elements of traditional Bellydance and other styles into my routines.   This fusion of styles gives my choreographies a freshness and a strong sense of personal commitment to the dance.    It also allows me full artistic expression and the ability to appeal to audiences from all walks of life.

 I often design and make my own costumes,  having taught myself how to sew 4 years ago.  My costumes are often dance-specific which means I design a costume specifically for one particular dance.   I also have an array of costumes and accessories which reflect different moods and which suit different venue requirements.  

Entertaining is in my blood, I love it.    Whilst I thoroughly enjoy being on stage, I equally enjoy communicating directly with my audience and I find the venues where I’m dancing at floor level a very satisfying experience.

I’m happily married with one grown-up Son, both of whom are totally supportive of my Dance career.    I’m a 5’4” tall,  60kg  very healthy mature woman and my wish is that my dance may inspire and encourage others to follow in my path.

 Director of ACBA since 2010, KaZena is a full-time professional Teacher and Performer who loves nothing more than watching her brood of Students surpass their own expectations.  KaZena is happiest when she's dancing, either in class or in performance (or anywhere really!).    


KaZena holds Diploma Professional Counselling and is an accredited Instructor of Tai Chi for Diabetes with the Tai Chi for Health Institute Australia.










KaZena and The ACBA Dancers are now available for Performance bookings throughout the N E Victoria region.


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