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How to choose the right Teacher

Once you've decided to try Bellydance for the first time, the most important step is to find the right Teacher.   The right Teacher will ensure that your experience in learning the beautiful art of Bellydance is a positive one both mentally and physically.  As in all Art Forms, there are good and bad Teachers.  Bellydance is good for the body and the mind provided it is taught in a professional manner.   Don't take chances with your health.

The difference between amateur and professional Teachers is their own personal commitment to their chosen field and unflinching dedication to their life's work.


A Professional Bellydance Teacher is someone who:-

  • Takes great care not to overload themselves with extraneous activities beyond their classes, ensuring they are fresh and full of energy throughout the year.
  • tries not to become too immersed in their Students' personal lives and to keep a healthy distance from individual's issues or problems.  This is crucial to maintaining a well balanced and fair approach to every Student.
  • teaches and treats every Student equally regardless of age, sex, ability or inability,  We are all different, it's up to the Teacher to maintain fairness and equality within the classroom.
  • ensures that classes are fun and progressive.
  • sets goals for Students individually and as a troupe to achieve
  • is mindful of introducing different subjects/topics regularly, to prevent boredom.
  • always notices and verbalizes appreciation for individual achievements.
  • brings out the best in Students
  • observes strengths & weaknesses, applauding strengths and working together to strengthen weaknesses.
  • sets clear guidelines for class behaviour
  • ensures that your dance instruction is safe - teaching the moves in a safe and hazard-free way working in harmony with your body
  • ensures  that your dance environment is safe - Timber floors, clear spaces 




Ensure that Students are fully covered by Public Liability Insurance

Have School or Academy listed in the relevant Telephone book

Conduct classes with a positive and progressive attitude

Encourage Students to advance themselves





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